Original curriculum, gifted facilitation, compelling materials – and an emphasis on real-world application. Frontier Academy isn’t your ordinary professional development workshop.


Our unique experiences expose attendees to new ways of thinking and challenge participants to find better business solutions and assist their personal growth. Balancing time-tested best practices with leading-edge ideas, our skilled facilitators deliver highly effective and engaging sessions unlike anyone else.


Open Enrollment Workshops

We use the term "open enrollment" to describe our roster of workshops offered at various locations throughout the US that are open to the public. Each session is capped at a number of participants based on location and is a great time for individuals to learn skills they need among other business professionals from various organizations.

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Custom Programs

We partner with companies across the US in creating highly customized leadership programs. Combining our experience in designing and delivering experiential workshops with our clients’ talented L&D teams, we build robust, engaging, transformational programs that serve our partners strategic objectives by growing the best talent in their industry. 

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Leadership Programs

Leadership Certification

Share the vision, execute tactics, motivate others, push new ideas, crunch the numbers, buy, sell, sprint from one task to the next. We do all of this, but are we staying relevant in today’s shifting landscape? 

We can only move forward if we’re on the right track.

Women's Leadership Series

The Women’s Leadership Series is a unique — gritty, rigorous, and sometimes scary — experience that invites female leaders to take an honest look in the mirror and discover a different type of courage to take new action.

Discover the breakout leader you can be.